What Session Type?

10-series ➢ the baseline

Advanced series ➢ project oriented

Maintenance ➢ keeping out of trouble

Fix-it work ➢ accidents happen

Time between sessions ➢ don't overdo it

10-series:  Recommended for people new to Rolfing Structural Integration.  These 10 sessions are designed to produce a higher order of congruent structure and comfortable movement.  Each session has a structural goal; your particular session may be quite different from someone else's -- as an Advanced Rolfer, I'll be targeting work specifically to meet your unique needs.

We recommend you take a 4-6 month break from Rolfing following the 10-series, to take your new structure and awareness out into life and see how things settle in.  Photos show big changes between the first and tenth session -- and often big changes between the tenth session and followup months later. 

Advanced series:  Recommended for people who've been through the 10-series, or who've had a lot of body work and whose structures are basically well-organized.  This work targets a particular project and can therefore be a few or many sessions in duration.  

Maintenance:  Recommended for current clients, whose activities or environment create structural stress needing occasional unloading.  Anything you do for hours on end, whether work or play, can create structural stresses unbalancing your body.  I can show you exercises and stretches to help, but each body responds in its unique way to the way life is lived.  You may need to come in once a year or once a month to keep things happy, living the way you decide to live.

Fix-it work:  Recommended for current clients, who've injured themselves in an accident or overdoing an activity (e.g. falling on ice, snow-shoveling and knitting one too many scarves.)

Time between sessions:  If you're in trouble, I'd like to see you once a week.  If not, come as your budget and schedule allow, but no more than once a week.  Bodies need time to integrate and use the work.  

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