Useful information on Rolfing and living comfortably in your body

Human gait adapted for efficient walking at the cost of efficient running

One of the reasons we have a relatively big heel...

Basics - Abstract Thoughts Prompt Literal Physical Responses - NYTimes.com

We are not always in charge of what we think and feel ;-)

Football, dogfighting, and brain damage : The New Yorker

The high cost of this national entertainment.  Please think twice before encouraging your children to participate.  Players keep getting bigger; the game gets rougher; long term health effects are more traumatic.

The Roving Runner Goes Barefoot - Well Blog - NYTimes.com

Feet are designed to walk and run - who knew?

Rolfing Training at The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration

Here you can find videos, articles, and research. 


Rolfing with Dr Oz on Oprah

Jon Martine, Certified Advanced Rolfer, introduced Rolfing Structural Integration to Dr Oz on the Oprah show


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