• "I feel more balance and the hip pain is completely gone."
           - 10-series client
  • "Session 10 was an amazing culmination. I felt a profound sense of peace, and still feel this way. Walking is now a joy. It had always been awkward. I remember seeing an American Indian in Santa Fe who glided while walking. He captured my attention. I now know how to walk in this way."
           - P. Phillips, Pilates trainer
  • "Rolfing brought me renewed hope in my journey dealing with chronic back and leg pain. Throughout the sessions of skillful structural integration, Sharon’s encouragement, expertise, knowledge and compassion couched in her integrity brought a keen sense of body awareness to me and eased my chronic pain levels. At various times she seemed to become coach, skilled surgeon, confidante and mentor. My life once again holds promise and my body has the ability to move more intelligently as I participate in the activities I enjoy with family, friends and in my teaching profession. Sharon and Rolfing have helped me rediscover a productive life."
           - L. Baird, classroom teacher
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