Rolfing FAQ

What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?

     Standards of Practice definition:

"Rolfing® Structural Integration is the theory and practice of organizing the human being in the field of gravity.  Its goal is to enhance the person's structural integrity, which is manifest in the person's ability to function economically in relation to the environment.  Rolfing accomplishes this by addressing imbalances in the body's connective tissue matrix, as well as helping the client find more functional options regarding patterns of movement, perception, and cognition."

Rolfing consists of hands-on manipulation and movement education.  We work to integrate changes throughout your structure, improving relationships between parts to develop a smoothly functioning whole.  Rolfer and client are a team in this process.

Is this like deep tissue work?

     Rolfing is guided by a set of goals and principles; it is not a technique.  In accomplishing Rolfing goals, and working within Rolfing principles, we use a wide variety of techniques.  From feather-light touch to deep contact and pressure, Rolfers adapt their touch to the needs of the tissue.  

Someone said Rolfing hurts...what about that?

     When tissue is stuck in a pattern that doesn't serve you well, getting it unstuck and moving appropriately can sometimes be temporarily uncomfortable.  Rolfers can adjust their depth, pace, and location to minimize discomfort -- and you're in control of all three.  The "more is better; no pain, no gain" philosophy doesn't apply here.  If your body is uncomfortable and starts to withdraw from the work, our effectiveness as a team will go down.  Adjusting touch to the needs of the tissue and never forcing anything are key components of our work.

Who trains Rolfers?

     Rolfers are trained and certified only by the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration:

• Certified Rolfer™

* Advanced Rolfer™

• Rolf Movement® Practitioner

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