About Sharon

Advanced Rolfer, Dr. Ida Rolf Institute:  November 2009

Certified Rolfer, Dr. Ida Rolf Institute:   October 2004

M.S. Telecommunications Systems Management, Naval Postgraduate School

M.S. Systems Management, University of Southern California

B.A. Biology, University of California at Santa Cruz 

I was a naval officer for 10 years, managing large telecommunications systems. Systems management turned out to be a wonderful background for Rolfing Structural Integration, as human beings are indeed complex systems and more interesting than computers.  

Rolfing, which I discovered while looking for a way to improve my Tae Kwon Do practice, is privileged work. Helping people recover and discover themselves in comfortable, fluid movement, feeling like whole people instead of an assortment of grumpy parts, is tremendously rewarding. I'm grateful for clients who trust me to go on this journey with them.

Rolfers are educated guides in a process-oriented journey. Attending continuing education to expand knowledge and technique tool-box is essential; there is always more to learn! Here's my current list of completed courses.

* Ethics of Diversity, 2020 > Dalai Lama

* Orthopedic Assessment, 2020 > Integrative Healthcare

• Joint restrictions with thoracic rib and vertebral algorithms, 2018 ➢ John de Mahy

• Explorations in Wholeness, Module 2, 2017 ➢ Thomas Walker

• Arm/shoulder manipulation, 2016 ➢ Jan Sultan

Explain Pain, treatment strategies targeting chronic pain,  2015 ➢ Robert Johnson, Neuro Orthopaedic Institute Australia

• Visceral Manipulation 1, 2015 ➢ Peter Coppola, The Barral Institute

• Joint Restrictions; cervical and shoulder algorithms, 2014 ➢ John de Mahy

Neural Mobilization, Part 3, 2014 ➢Jonathan Martine

Neural Mobilization, Part 2, 2013 ➢ Jonathan Martine

* Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Level 1, 2013 ➢ Perry Nickelston

* Resolving Acute and Chronic Back Pain, 2012 ➢ Jonathan Martine and John de Mahy

* Working with Functional Aspects of the Series, 2012 ➢ Jane Harrington

Advanced Training, 2009 ➢ Tessy Brungardt, advanced faculty featured in "Two Hands"

* Tonic Function, Movement and the Rolfing 10 Session Series, 2009 ➢ Lael Keen

Neural Fascial Mobilization, 2008 -- Jonathan Martine, featured on Oprah

SourcePoint - An Energetic Foundation for Rolfing, Module 3, 2008 ➢ Bob Schrei

• An Energetic Foundation for Rolfing, Modules 1 & 2, 2007 ➢ Bob Schrei and Ray McCall

Spine and Shoulder Girdle, 2007 ➢ Tessy Brungardt

Structures of Support:  Feet, Legs, and Pelvis, 2006 ➢ Tessy Brungardt

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